Seven Ways of Running IPython / Jupyter Notebooks

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We’re looking at using IPython notebooks for a MOOC on something or other, so here’s a quick review of the different ways I think we can provide access to them. Please let me know via the comments if there are other models…

[NOTE: I try to keep this post updated as more services/examples become available…]

User Desktop – Native App

Download a version of a scientific python distribution such as Anaconda (python 2.7 & 3) or Enthought Canopy (python 2.7) and run the notebook from within that. Runs cross platform, requires user admin privileges to install application. For Mac users, there’s a handy looking standalone app, Pineapple. (I’m not sure if there’s a Windows equivalent? For now, here’s a recipe for rolling your own standalone Jupyter notebook on Windows.)

There does look to be a cross-platform, standalone electron app in development – nteract – but the implication is…

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